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Papyrus Therapeutics

About Us

Platform Company with Unique Approach to Tumor Suppression

– Leader in OPCML tumor suppression research, a promising alternative approach to cancer treatment

– Site of action is extracellular, circumventing intracellular delivery challenges seen in other tumor suppression therapies

Potential treatment for large patient populations across multiple tumor types

– Biomarkers indicate over 50% of solid tumors are potential targets, evidence of potential in underserved therapeutic areas including ovarian, colorectal, lung, breast, endometrial, renal and other solid tumors

Lead Candidate PYTX-004: Clinical data generation beginning in ~24 months

– First-in-class approach to direct tumor suppression via replacement of functional tumor suppressor protein

– PYTX-004 r-OPCML-Fc Fusion at the IND-enabling stage

Substantial Therapeutic Opportunities: Synergy with Current Therapies + Platform of Novel Tumor Suppressor Therapeutics

– Likelihood of synergy with RTK inhibitors, immunotherapy, cell therapy and current standards of care (SOC)

– IgLON domain shuffling platform enables potential for additional novel tumor suppression candidates